Instructions for your registration to CARSS

Why we ask for vat code

For registration to CARSS we ask you to enter a few details: VAT number, company name and email. Few data, but important to identify your company.
That's why we expressly ask for the VAT number: we need them to distinguish your company from the others, to recognize you, to issue an invoice if you buy a service.
You could enter other data calmly at a later time.

Please read the terms of usage of CARSS (Car Auto Retailer Software System), you can find them here

CARSS and the GDPR

To proceed with your registration and use the management software for car fleet, click here to read our Privacy Policy . Please take two minutes and read it.
Remember that your data is essential for using CARSS; if you don't want to give us the opportunity to memorize them, you will not be able to use the software.
On them you will be able to exercise the rights provided by the current legislation.
We are always available for any clarification: do not hesitate to contact us through this page .

Do you want to use CARSS, the new management software for your car fleet? Register here!