The new management software for car showrooms, dealers and car dealers,
with SDI and electronic invoicing, integrated, simple to use and updated.

software gestione parco auto

Vehicle management

Manage the fleet in just a few clicks.

software gestione parco auto

Estimate management
and contracts

Easily create quotes for your cars and turn them into contracts.

software gestione contabilità parco auto

Accounting Management

Record expenses and financing. Manage electronic billing.

The functions of CARSS

A few points to describe CARSS
our management software for cars!

  • What it can do for you

    In a few clicks you can centralize all information and streamline your daily activities.
    Manage your fleet, documents and expenses.

  • How you use it

    Load cars. Add accessory costs, photos and documents. Manage customers and generate all the necessary documents. Export electronic invoicing.
    The goal: to facilitate and speed up your work!

  • Where you use it

    CARSS lets you move around and have your fleet just a click away. On the PC, on the tablet or mobile: CARSS is on the web!

  • How to ask for help

    See the FAQ section. If you still need help, contact us by phone or through the special section of CARSS.
    We will answer you without relying on a call center outside the European community.

  • How much does it cost

    We offer you 3 months free: so you can learn about the features of CARSS, find out what it can do for you and get to know us!

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